Sweet Basil Productions


Jayme Basil

How did it all start?

I studied motion graphics at DAAP and found myself in the short documentary world. I was asked to film a wedding for a friend one day and could not believe how much fun I had! My calm energy partners really well with every bride as I follow them around all day. I'm such a hopeless romantic; I then tend to fall in love with their love as I edit. The reactions I get from my couples after they've seen their cinematic always make the late nights so worth it!

Greg Wichard

What draws you to videography?

In college, I discovered a love of being behind the camera. I am interested in learning how each camera works and what makes it better than the next. Now, getting to film with my girlfriend is just an added bonus!


Nick Givan

Patrick Cadieux

Patrick has a wide array of experience from working in the news business to working on feature film sets.  He now works full time at a local startup app creating media content and is helping develop the app.  He loves creating content with which people have an emotional engagement.