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We truly believe you are investing in more than just videos here. You are trusting us with your wedding day — a day you have been planning for quite awhile and put your whole hearts into — and we will return a cinematic experience that allows you to be transported back to that moment when you felt those butterflies as you exchanged your vows. After spending your day with you, we go home and continue working. Every wedding requires attention to audio, color, lighting, and storyline. Every cinematic we make has the same amount of focus and careful curation as the next. We take the unique love you and your new spouse share and become inspired by it, as it fuels your individual love story, to create your beautiful cinematic.


You might notice the length of the cinematics vary. That’s because our packages vary! Our customizable packages are based on the amount of time you’d like us with you. Our smallest package starts at $1600 and comes with a cinematic 2-4 minutes long. Our largest package is $5375 with a cinematic 8-10 minutes long, an engagement video to play at your rehearsal dinner, rehearsal dinner coverage, a director’s cut, and a sneak peak! Every package automatically comes with two videographers, a video of your full ceremony, a video of all of the speeches during the time we’re there, and a cinematic.


To inquire more about our services or to see if your date is available, contact us!