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Scott + Joseph

Jayme BasilComment

You get worried sometimes as an artist that you may some day get pigeon-holed; that people see a pattern in your work and assume you can’t branch out beyond that. You get worried potential clients can’t see themselves in or relate to the work you’ve posted, even though we love all love in any shape or size. And we, at Sweet Basil, admit we do get a fair amount of blonde beauties with their tall-dark-and-handsomes (so not complaining).

Never having captured an LGBTQ+ love story and never having captured a Jewish ceremony, Scott and Joey took a chance on us and believed we could do their story justice. I will forever be grateful to them for this. And, man, what a perfect introduction. Everything was so intentional and beautiful. The ampersand in their custom signage incorporates I-71 (the highway they spent so much time on every weekend in order to make their long-distance work for them). They had their names embroidered in their suit jackets. They wrote the most meaningful vows that left not a dry eye in the house. I wish nothing but the absolute best for these two in their forever together!

  • TIES The Tie Bar

  • RINGS Tiffany and Co.

  • SUITS Indochino


  • CUSTOM SIGNS Rachel Lynn Studio

  • CENTERPIECES Rachel Lynn Studio

  • COORDINATOR Rachel Lynn Studio

  • VENUE Rhinegeist

  • CATERER Eat Well

  • DJ DJ Mowgli aka Ria Matlib

  • OFFICIANT Rabbi Miriam Terlinchamp