Sweet Basil Productions

Amanda + Mark

Jayme BasilComment

Mark (a firefighter) and Amanda (a member of the military) had the most patriotic Labor Day wedding as everything was adorned with red, white, and blue. Greg and I had the pleasure of filming this beautiful family's union on that cloudy day in early September. The entire day was so absolutely filled with love that I bet you can't even find one clip in the cinematic where the newlyweds aren't smiling. And Landon, my god, that boy is just too precious! He couldn't help but steal the show as he bounced around with excitement at the fact that he was gaining the best daddy ever!

  • HAIR  Ashley Kircher
  • FLOWERS  Sandy Designs-Artistic Floral Arrangements
  • RINGS  Ricter and Phillips
  • DRESS  JJ's house
  • SUITS  Mens Warehouse
  • PHOTOGRAPHER  Kati Best Photography
  • VENUE  Lake Lyndsay
  • CATERER  Raffels
  • CAKE  Patricia Bakery
  • DJ  Billy Sarge