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Leslie + Ryan

Jayme BasilComment

We. Are. So. Excited! Leslie is a long-time family friend of Greg's and we just could not be happier for her now that she's married the man of her dreams. The whole day was full of happy tears, laughter, and booty shakin'. I loved the nods to the holiday, as their wedding took place on the 5th of May. They had taco socks, sombreros, and the fiesta vida spirit! Greg and I had an absolute blast spending the day with the newlyweds and their families and look forward to seeing them at Norton + Humphrey + Durakis family parties. Here's who else helped to make their wedding such a zesty celebration:

  • HAIR   The Looking Glass Salon (Minster, OH)
  • MAKEUP   The Looking Glass Salon (Minster, OH)
  • TIES   Brides and Beyond (St. Henry, OH)
  • MENS’ ACCESSORIES   Brides and Beyond (St. Henry, OH)
  • FLOWERS   Floral Reflections (St. Henry, OH)
  • RINGS   Meritage Jewelers (Timoniun, MD
  • DRESS   Mori Lee from Brides and Beyond (St. Henry, OH)
  • BRIDESMAID DRESSES   Bill Levkoff from Brides and Beyond (St. Henry, OH)
  • SUITS   Brides and Beyond (St. Henry, OH)
  • PHOTOGRAPHER   Cloustudio (Wapakoneta, OH)
  • PARTY FAVOR   koozies (totally promotional- Coldwater, OH
  • VENUE   Romers Catering (Celina, OH)
  • CATERER   Romers
  • CAKE   Glenna Davis
  • BAND   Jack Garrett Band (Cincinnati, OH)
  • COORDINATOR   Jen (Romers Catering)