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Kurt + Emma

Jayme BasilComment

Author: Nick Givan

As Greg and I traveled to Bowling Green, OH to film Kurt and Emma's big day, I couldn't help but reminisce about college and the former life that it was. After all, that is where I first met young Kurt and young Emma. It's interesting to see who sticks together and who fades as college ends and the real world begins. I can honestly say that it was no shock to see these two "engaged" on my Facebook feed years later. I was pretty humbled by the idea of shooting their wedding. As you can see from the edit, it was one you wanted to be at. The smiles weren't forced and the laughs were real. Watching their banter, you can easily see they're best friends and the love they have for each other... for them its not some cliche saying that sounds nice in a toast. 

  • Venue: Nazareth Hall
  • Florist: Hafner Florist
  • Photographer: Tim & Kylee Photography
  • Make up: Jenelle Ahmad
  • Hair: Deirdre Anderson
  • Cake: Wixey's
  • Dress: Elda's Bridal Boutique
  • DJ: Decorative Sound

Hope you enjoy this edit of two of the most genuine people I know...Kurt and Emma Schilling