Sweet Basil Productions

Hannah + Abram

Jayme BasilComment

Just before the new year rang in, Hannah's grandmother pointed out she hadn't booked a videographer for her wedding day. Hannah then talked this over with her friend and bridesmaid, Jessica, who had already booked Sweet Basil for her September 2018 wedding. Long story short, Hannah is one lucky duck that we weren't booked on her wedding day just a week out. And we feel just as lucky that we got to experience their wedding day with them. You can clearly see in Abram's eye's and Hannah's smile just how much these two love each other. After hearing the outstanding marriage advice given to the newlyweds by Hannah's long-time family friend, I knew I had to use it in the cinematic for all to hear. Everyone needs to be reminded of this advice every now and then. I hope these two keep that spark they clearly have and continue to decide to love one another for many many years to come.

  • HAIR  Nicky Redmon & Jeanne May
  • MAKEUP  Jeanne May
  • FLORIST  Lisa Strader
  • DRESS  David’s Bridal
  • SUITS  Men’s Warehouse 
  • PHOTOGRAPHER  Birch Valley Photography 
  • VENUE  Anchorage Presbyterian Church/ Shall We Dance 
  • CATERER  Ladyfingers 
  • CAKE  Mert’s Cakes 
  • DJ  Shawn Coyle
  • COORDINATOR  Tammy Underwood