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Kacey + Kevin

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When the groom forgets he's mic'ed up and says the most genuine and sweetest things about his fiancé only moment before she becomes his wife... you take that beautiful sound byte and create the whole cinematic around it! Kacey and Kevin are both incredibly genuine and driven individuals, and you can tell they find a wholeness and comfort in one another. Just look at those smiles! This kind of love and happiness cannot be forged. Nick, Greg, and myself were all honored to get to know then as we filmed their day around Cincinnati and at the gorgeous Monastery in Mt Adams. It was the first time we had filmed there and we were very impressed with the professionalism of the staff. Every piece of the day was stunning and come together perfectly to celebrate the newlyweds. Here's who else we can thank:

Leah + Jason

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Woah, guys. MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED. I can't believe it! Not only am I thrilled to see him so hopelessly in love, but I was the lucky one who got to introduce them! Now, I have four brothers and don't ever introduce them to my friends because I like to keep my friends around and would rather not take that awkward chance. However, when Jason pointed out his interest in Leah upon first site, it just made sense. On September 17, the whole family headed to Rhode Island to celebrate in an intimate ceremony. Leah proves again and again to expose Jason's soft gooey center and we are so thrilled to have her as part of the family. 

Amanda + Mark

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Mark (a firefighter) and Amanda (a member of the military) had the most patriotic Labor Day wedding as everything was adorned with red, white, and blue. Greg and I had the pleasure of filming this beautiful family's union on that cloudy day in early September. The entire day was so absolutely filled with love that I bet you can't even find one clip in the cinematic where the newlyweds aren't smiling. And Landon, my god, that boy is just too precious! He couldn't help but steal the show as he bounced around with excitement at the fact that he was gaining the best daddy ever!

  • HAIR  Ashley Kircher
  • FLOWERS  Sandy Designs-Artistic Floral Arrangements
  • RINGS  Ricter and Phillips
  • DRESS  JJ's house
  • SUITS  Mens Warehouse
  • PHOTOGRAPHER  Kati Best Photography
  • VENUE  Lake Lyndsay
  • CATERER  Raffels
  • CAKE  Patricia Bakery
  • DJ  Billy Sarge

Greta + Jeff

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What happens when you have Greg and Jayme hang out with you for 15 hours on your wedding day? You get a full-blown mini-movie of your day! After hearing their sweet letters to one another, you can see how truly in-sync these newlyweds are. And I love the fact that Greta chose to say she was "choosing" to spend her life with Jeff. I totally agree with her perspective. While falling in love might not be a choice, you do choose every day to continue to be kind and love that person. You are not stuck or trapped, but you consciously choose to be with them. Nothing I find more romantic than the freedom of knowing you want your partner, but you do not need them. Even more romantic was having their celebration on the horse farm Greta grew up on; where her parents still live. The days leading up to their wedding day were heavily rained upon, but they totally lucked out and had gorgeous weather that just rounded out their gorgeous wedding. I know this cinematic is a longer one, and all of our attention spans are short, but please watch to the end in order to check out the sweet sweet dance moves at Greta + Jeff's reception. It'll brighten your day and make you want to bust of move with them!

  • Hair: Zephyr
  • Makeup: Makeup by Karina
  • Flowers: Blossoms
  • Rings: Schwartz Jewelers
  • Dress: Bridal and Formal
  • Bridesmaid Dresses: Bridal and Formal
  • Suits: Macys
  • Photographer: Chadwick Fisher
  • Venue: family farm
  • Church: St. Stephens
  • Caterer: Village Pantry Catering
  • Cake: Tres Belle
  • Band: Laika

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Lobes. And your big baby, Piper :)

Shelby + Caleb

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SWEETEST. FIRST. LOOK. EVER! This is a great example as to why photographers and videographers recommend having a "first look." It allows the couple an intimate setting to really take in the moment, whereas he might try to hold it together in front of everyone as she want down the isle. I don't think these baby love birds ever stopped smiling. Not even once. It's totally contagious! Their wedding felt intimate and grand all at the same time and we were so lucky to get to know these two and their community. Here's who helped make it possible:

  • HAIR:  Shannon Irwin with Diva's Studio & Day Spa
  • MAKEUP: Leah Graves with Loxx Salon
  • FLOWERS: Bertha Shelton
  • BRIDE'S RINGS: Shane Co. 
  • DRESS: The Bridal Suite of Louisville
  • BRIDESMAID'S DRESSES: David's Bridal
  • SUITS: Men's Warehouse
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Samantha Bartlett Photography
  • VENUE: Spencer Christian Church
  • FIRST LOOK PROPERTY: Carl Browning Property
  • DJ: DJ Linda with RipTide Productions

Katie + Kenny

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Yep, that's a helicopter you see there in the thumbnail for this couple's cinematic. Katie and Kenny's wedding was unlike any other we had yet to film and we were so honored they trusted us with capturing it all! Between the three dresses Katie flawlessly adorned, the sushi table, the brilliant colors, the million-mile buffet, and the freaking helicopter exit; this was a wedding you wanted to be at! On this special day, Katie and Kenny were like celebrities and everyone wanted their photo with them. With so many awesome elements we got to film, we have to give kudos to our fellow vendors who helped Katie and Kenny have the best wedding they could ever ask for!

  • HAIR + MAKEUP: Pinned Up Ltd. (Vandalia, OH)
  • FLOWERS: Floral V Designs (Bellbrook, OH)
  • RINGS: Jared
  • DRESS: Bridal & Formal (Inspired from Kleinfeld in NYC)
  • BRIDESMAID DRESSES: David's Bridal
  • SUITS: Joseph A. Banks
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Michael Bambino Photography
  • PHOTOBOOTH: Liftoff Entertainment
  • VENUE: Savannah Center in West Chester
  • CATERER: Celestial Steakhouse & Family
  • CAKE: Bride's Aunt
  • DJ: DJ Killa Kev
  • COORDINATOR: Katina Salazar

Cheers to the newlyweds! Hope you enjoy your happily ever after!

Madelyn + Ryan

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A true love story of opposites attract! Maddy May, the ballerina, and Ryan, the hunter. One's a little bit country and the other prefers not to walk in the grass. But as you watch this cinematic and learn how this couple is just so perfect together, you'll notice it's more or less a love story of a goofball and a straight-man. They balance each other out so beautifully and I feel privileged to have been there to witness their marriage. Speaking of, I almost wasn't! Just one week before the big day, Madelyn came to realize something was missing from her wedding planning. She decided she needed a little Sweet Basil, and we think you really can't go wrong there!

Here's who else helped out in making Madelyn & Ryan's day spectacular:

  • FLOWERS: Orchard Lane Flowers
  • DRESS: Wendy's Bridal
  • PHOTOGRAPHER: Susie Marie Photography
  • CEREMONY VENUE: Church of the Resurrection, New Albany, OH
  • RECEPTION VENUE: Dock 580, Columbus, OH
  • DJ: Mark Danzter

Congratulations to the new Mr. + Mrs. Sawmiller! Y'all are a blast and we truly wish you the best!

Kurt + Emma

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Author: Nick Givan

As Greg and I traveled to Bowling Green, OH to film Kurt and Emma's big day, I couldn't help but reminisce about college and the former life that it was. After all, that is where I first met young Kurt and young Emma. It's interesting to see who sticks together and who fades as college ends and the real world begins. I can honestly say that it was no shock to see these two "engaged" on my Facebook feed years later. I was pretty humbled by the idea of shooting their wedding. As you can see from the edit, it was one you wanted to be at. The smiles weren't forced and the laughs were real. Watching their banter, you can easily see they're best friends and the love they have for each other... for them its not some cliche saying that sounds nice in a toast. 

  • Venue: Nazareth Hall
  • Florist: Hafner Florist
  • Photographer: Tim & Kylee Photography
  • Make up: Jenelle Ahmad
  • Hair: Deirdre Anderson
  • Cake: Wixey's
  • Dress: Elda's Bridal Boutique
  • DJ: Decorative Sound

Hope you enjoy this edit of two of the most genuine people I know...Kurt and Emma Schilling

Tierany + Dustin

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On May 20th, Greg and I ventured off to Hocking Hills to film Sweet Basil's first wedding of 2017. It's always exciting starting up a new wedding season and this was the perfect way to start it off. Since Tierany and Dustin purchased the Basic Package — allowing us to film four hours of their special day — it's like we got to start off by dipping our toes in the water rather than swan-diving head first. This happy couple found us at Bridalrama at the Duke Energy Center and were one of the lucky winners who got a free Director's Cut with their booking! And I'm so happy they did! Dustin seemed like the most hands-on hubby, while Tierany crafted a bunch of the decor. They work well together as a team and will continue to do so... 'til death do them part!

I'd love to give credit where credit is due, so please read through before watching the cinematic.

hocking hills

VENUE: Valley View Cabins, Hocking Hills, Ohio

Venue, Hocking Hills

COORDINATOR: Karen Thompson


CATERER: Robert Jones - Robert's Catering

Wedding Cake

CAKE: Gina Leffler - Country Lane Cakes

DJ: Johnny Garber

PHOTOGRAPHER: Robert Donato Photographer


And now... Please enjoy this little cinematic! Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Kasten!!!